Posted: Apr 7, 2021

Power Generation License Coordinator (ESC) - San Francisco (Dam Safety) Req#86040

Salary: $7,898.00 - $10,271.00 Monthly
Application Deadline: Apr 21, 2021

Department Overview

PG&E’s Power Generation Department manages and operates the largest privately-owned hydroelectric system in the nation. These renewable electric generation resources, located mostly at high elevation in California mountain ranges including the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade mountains include 68 powerhouses, 184 miles of canals, 41 miles of flumes, 135 miles of tunnels, 19 miles of penstocks, 99 reservoirs, and 142,000 acres of watershed lands all covered by 25 operating licenses issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


Position Summary

Available locations: Burney, Chico, Auburn, and San Francisco.

This is a journey-level License Coordinator job that requires mastery of the Associate level License Coordinator skills and duties and is responsible for managing more complex FERC licenses and related water rights, permits and agreements for the Company’s extensive hydroelectric system. Manages licenses, and participates as a team member in license projects including, but not limited to original licenses, relicensing, license surrender, decommissioning, license transfer, license amendments, transition to license implementation, non-routine license implementation projects, license-related programs, and other license-related projects. Uses independent judgment in applying regulatory and license management concepts, principles, and practices working with minimal supervision. Works with other License Coordinators, License Project Managers, Project Engineers, Generation Supervisors, Hydrographers, Project Analysts, Lawyers, Business Planners, scientists, operating personnel, construction personnel, and other business partners in assessing and resolving regulatory needs and issues.


Responsibilities beyond those of Associate License Coordinator include, but are not limited to, the following: additional responsibility for compliance with water rights; conducting site inspections with regulatory agencies; taking on responsibility for implementation of individual non-routine license requirements; simple negotiations with regulatory agencies and other third parties; greater responsibility for managing external relationships with regulatory agencies and other third parties; increased responsibility for developing regulatory strategies; providing emergency response for regulatory matters; and developing annual budgets and resource requirements. Works with Supervisor on some job duties. Responsibilities may include Privileged and Confidential work.

Manages moderately complex licenses and resolves problems of moderate scope. Assignments typically require standard solutions, but may include a moderate level of innovation. Under general direction, independently plans work to meet assigned objectives; progress is reviewed periodically for accuracy and adequacy in process and upon completion.


Minimum Qualifications


-A 4-year BS/BA Degree in Engineering, Regulatory Policy, Resource Management, Biological or Ecological Science, or a related technical discipline from an accredited curriculum in the US or the equivalent from outside the US required.

- Valid driver’s license.

-Mastery of the Associate level License Coordinator job duties or equivalent and demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform the basic duties of the Journey Level License Coordinator. Meets specific knowledge/ability requirements gained through a minimum of three years of cumulative experience in license coordination or equivalent.


Desired Qualifications


Demonstrates knowledge and abilities required for the Associate level License Coordinator and also:

− Coordinates well with others, and has basic understanding of the roles and responsibilities of License Coordinators.

− Able to work with limited supervision and guidance to meet commitments.

− Able to work with internal and external stakeholders.

− Able to understand and implement the requirements of interfacing disciplines.

− Demonstrates informed judgment when making decisions and recommendations.

− Uses judgment in applying regulatory and license management principles and techniques to determine cost-effective and practical solutions.

− Able to manage several licenses concurrently, depending on scope and complexity.

− Accurately interprets applicable laws, standards and regulations and educates others.

-Can provide thorough analysis of issues and justification of recommendations.

− Takes ownership of problems and their solutions.

− Demonstrates ability and desire to effectively engage others, including external stakeholders, in discussion and present clear and well-reasoned positions for desired ideas and proposals. Demonstrated ability to collaboratively negotiate with external parties and reach agreement on moderately complex issues.

− Sees the big picture. Understands organization and individual roles. Journey level strategic and critical thinking skills. Demonstrates ability to develop and implement strategies and tactics to address moderately complex issues.

− Demonstrates ability to make clear, persuasive presentations of basic information in internal and external settings

− Demonstrates ability to organize ideas and communicate effectively orally and in writing both informally and in formal business settings. Communications demonstrate strategic and critical thinking skills. Demonstrates ability to craft effective correspondence, reports, filings, applications, agreements and proposed license conditions.

− Shares information and lessons learned with co-workers to promote efficient learning and development within the organization. Helps train and mentor Associate License Coordinators.

-Demonstrates ability to develop and maintain constructive relationships with individuals and teams both internally and externally including with difficult individuals.



Perform functions of Associate level License Coordinator, but for more complex licenses. Also performs additional job duties listed below:

Additional Job duties include, but are not limited to:

− Provides emergency response for regulatory matters

− Assists in tracking, managing and assuring compliance with water rights

− Conducts site inspections with regulatory agencies

− Manages license implementation projects as may be assigned

− Plans and manages annual budgets and contracts related to license management


Works with Supervisor to:

− Manage external relationships with regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations and other third parties related to licenses managed

− Negotiate with regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations and other third parties related to licenses managed

− Develop strategies related to licenses managed

− Monitor and adopt changes in industry, legislation and regulation related to hydropower


Internal contacts are with Power Generation personnel, Law Department, and other service organizations and typically include reporting and discussing regulatory matters, exchanging, interpreting and coordinating information, managing meetings and developing and providing documents. External contacts, which typically involve discussion with more senior License Coordinators or Supervision in advance, are with contractors, regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other third parties. Contacts with contractors typically include directing work, discussing contract administration, and results. Other external contacts typically include reporting and discussing regulatory matters, exchanging, interpreting and coordinating information, managing meetings, developing and providing documents, and negotiating. May provide guidance to less experienced License Coordinators and other team members. May partner with internal or external stakeholders to solve problems or explore alternative solutions.